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Name: Muskingum Barnes IP:  Muskingum Barnes
Send Email to: tyrone_barnes2003@yahoo.com  tyrone_barnes2003@yahoo.com
City, St Country: Mobile, AL  USA  Mobile, AL USA
Message number: 1 Written by: Muskingum Barnes  Delete message number: 1  February 19, 2014 - 04:28 PM
Hello everyone. I am a new teacher as well as new to the site. I teach business education and would love any help or lesson plans pertaining to the subject.
Name: soran IP:  soran
Send Email to: sorand61@yahoo.com  sorand61@yahoo.com
City, St Country: marivan of iran  marivan of iran
Message number: 2 Written by: soran  Delete message number: 2  January 04, 2014 - 12:36 PM
how proof eqequal two triangles
Name: shully kings IP:  shully kings
Send Email to: shulawin.com@gmail.com  shulawin.com@gmail.com
City, St Country:   Fujaira UAE   Fujaira UAE
Message number: 3 Written by: shully kings  Delete message number: 3  November 18, 2013 - 03:56 AM
kudos to all teachers...please I"ll so much appreciate any help on planning a grammar clarification lesson( some, any, much, many) for elementary students. Thank you and God bless.
Name: Paula IP:  Paula
City, St Country: Eunice, LA  Eunice, LA
Message number: 4 Written by: Paula  Delete message number: 4  September 11, 2013 - 09:17 PM
I am working on a project and would need a response from regular and special educators regarding their teaching experiences with severe/profound students--what educational and medical situations have you encountered in the classroom?
Name: Xuntyqaz IP:  Xuntyqaz
City, St Country: London  London
Message number: 5 Written by: Xuntyqaz  Delete message number: 5  August 23, 2013 - 03:49 AM
five vertical columns and five horizontal rows. Basically, one would need some type of item or objects to mark the cards. The items can be of any kind: stickers, beans or even colored candy. The game can be played with or without a reward. Bingo cards can be manually made and do not have to be http://onlinebingo3.co.uk
Name: tinku IP:  tinku
Send Email to: xcbktyrv@sharklasers.com  xcbktyrv@sharklasers.com
City, St Country: usa  usa
Message number: 6 Written by: tinku  Delete message number: 6  August 01, 2013 - 11:03 AM
an account, and start playing immediately. And one of the best things is that there is no taxing of winnings in the UK. A person can walk in a casino there, and place a bid, and win big, and not one cent of their money is never taxed. In the United States gambling is illegal, in some states. But onlinebingo3.co.uk
Name: Michael IP:  Michael
City, St Country: Southeast Georgia  Southeast Georgia
Message number: 7 Written by: Michael  Delete message number: 7  July 31, 2013 - 03:54 PM
I have put my application into TeachGeorgia.org in the hopes of getting a permanent position in the early childhood grades but up to this point, nothing. I am begining to wonder if anybody is even reading it. I hope it is not because I am past the normal hiring age. I have been subbing for nine years and don"t have a lot in the way of awards and such. I am seriously considering giving up altogether. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone of you might have to help me obtain a permanent position.
Name: Pedro Antonio Moreno Ardila  IP:  Pedro Antonio Moreno Ardila
Send Email to: pedroantoniomorenoardila@hotmail.com  pedroantoniomorenoardila@hotmail.com
City, St Country: Bucaramanga, Colombia, South America  Bucaramanga, Colombia, South America
Message number: 8 Written by: Pedro Antonio Moreno Ardila  Delete message number: 8  July 21, 2013 - 07:14 PM
Hi Friends,
My name is Pedro Antonio and I need some help about some topics of administrative laws. Well my idea is how we can put an action to the Court of Justice, the method, the format, the plan, and other things. I love all the teachers of United States of America.
Name: DA IP:  DA
City, St Country: USA  USA
Message number: 9 Written by: DA  Delete message number: 9  July 02, 2013 - 10:42 AM
I need to conduct five 2 hour training sessions for the substitutes (teachers and teaching assistants that work in the district. I would welcome any power-point presentations on Best Practices, ELA CCLS, Behavior Management, Rigor, Charlotte Danielson Framework... I was just informed that I need to begin the first training session by the week of July 15th.

Name: rajendra patel IP:  rajendra patel
Send Email to: rnpatel27@gmail.com  rnpatel27@gmail.com
City, St Country: vadodara,india  vadodara,india
Message number: 10 Written by: rajendra patel  Delete message number: 10  June 10, 2013 - 10:56 PM
as I am interested in doing action research in my school please help me by sending small simple example of such report .thanks.
Name: doris dunklin IP:  doris dunklin
City, St Country: bessmer  bessmer
Message number: 11 Written by: doris dunklin  Delete message number: 11  June 04, 2013 - 03:37 PM
lesson plan on cooking
Name: Chira Marker IP:  Chira Marker
Send Email to: chira.marker@moravia.k12.ia.us  chira.marker@moravia.k12.ia.us
City, St Country: Centerville, Iowa USA  Centerville, Iowa USA
Message number: 12 Written by: Chira Marker  Delete message number: 12  May 29, 2013 - 07:51 PM
Does anyone use the Realidades Spanish textbook? I would be interested in corresponding with you!
Name: Rose Jane Flores
 IP: [unknown]  Rose Jane Flores
City, St Country:  
Message number: 13 Written by: Rose Jane Flores
 Delete message number: 13  May 18, 2013 - 03:28 AM
Name: Sujeewa IP:  Sujeewa
Send Email to: sujeewaariyananda@yahoo.com  sujeewaariyananda@yahoo.com
City, St Country: Sri Lanka  Sri Lanka
Message number: 14 Written by: Sujeewa  Delete message number: 14  April 15, 2013 - 07:52 PM
Dear friends,
I"m going to open a new English Activity Room in my school next month. I welcome all yours ideas and suggestions and help in resources for the language room.You can contact me through skype-Sujeewa Ariyananda 1.Thank you very much.
Name: Connie Mundy IP:  Connie Mundy
Send Email to: connie.mundy@sumnerschools.org  connie.mundy@sumnerschools.org
City, St Country: Gallatin, Tennessee USA  Gallatin, Tennessee USA
Message number: 15 Written by: Connie Mundy  Delete message number: 15  April 01, 2013 - 07:44 AM
I am looking for a lesson plan dealing with the seven steps of Propaganda, or anything to do with Propaganda.
Name: Barbara Zucker IP:  Barbara Zucker
Send Email to: zuckerb1951@gmail.com  zuckerb1951@gmail.com
City, St Country: Westport, CT  Westport, CT
Message number: 16 Written by: Barbara Zucker  Delete message number: 16  March 25, 2013 - 07:23 AM
I am looking for a lesson on how to identify a complete sentence to third graders.
Name: Phyllis Peeler IP:  Phyllis Peeler
Send Email to: papeeler1966@yahoo.com  papeeler1966@yahoo.com
City, St Country: Lumberton, Texas, USA  Lumberton, Texas, USA
Message number: 17 Written by: Phyllis Peeler  Delete message number: 17  March 03, 2013 - 04:08 PM
I am looking for a lesson plan to intergrate math and science for kindergarten students. This is an assignment for my college class. I am a future teacher.
Thanks for your help!
Name: Power IP:  Power
Send Email to: powerproject@rocketmail.com  powerproject@rocketmail.com
City, St Country: Sri-Lanka  Sri-Lanka
Message number: 18 Written by: Power  Delete message number: 18  January 13, 2013 - 01:00 AM
Can someone please let me have a LESSON PLAN -To develop the Speaking skills in elementary students. (Using the Cambridge University sylabus)
Name: Power IP:  Power
Send Email to: powerproject@rocketmail.com  powerproject@rocketmail.com
City, St Country: Sri-Lanka  Sri-Lanka
Message number: 19 Written by: Power  Delete message number: 19  January 13, 2013 - 12:58 AM
Can someone please let me have a LESSON PLAN -To develop the Speaking skills in elementary students.
Send Email to: alimov-anatoliy@rambler.ru  alimov-anatoliy@rambler.ru
Message number: 20 Written by: ANTON  Delete message number: 20  January 07, 2013 - 07:56 AM
I have invented and practically tested at school with children and adults A NEW INTERACTIVE BOARD for studying any foreign language in any mother tongue (i.e. at school or home in Africa, America, Asia etc.) anywhere, if there some children or adults who want to learn a foreign language you can use it. With it you can use a lot of other ideas or teaching methods to teach a language.
Its advantages:
1 No need of electricity, PC, or special training.
2 Totally safe even for kindergarten children.
3 Practically tested at school---VERY GOOD RESULTS.
4 Have real working prototypes at hand.
5 An additional tool for teaching.
6 A lot of teaching activities connected with the board.
I am a practical teacher who invented and tested the idea not a businessman who can distribute THE NEW INTERACTIVE BOARD.
I would like to hear your suggestions. How can I do it?
You can contact me; tel. 009945053313379
E-mail alimov-anatoliy@rambler.ru
Thanks for help.
Name: Cede give IP:  Cede give
City, St Country: Sacramento, CA  Sacramento, CA
Message number: 21 Written by: Cede give  Delete message number: 21  January 21, 2012 - 12:09 PM
I need a very visual, hands on lesson plan to teach a writing lesson on topic sentences. I teach 4th and 5th special Ed class. Some of the students can barely read or spell. I am going to be evaluated on this lesson, so it needs to be extra specially good. All of the students hate writing. HELP!
Name: Tynamaria IP:  Tynamaria
Send Email to: tysch25@hotmail.com  tysch25@hotmail.com
City, St Country: Belmont, NH  Belmont, NH
Message number: 22 Written by: Tynamaria  Delete message number: 22  January 19, 2012 - 09:33 AM
I am a special education teacher. This is my second year and I am feeling saturated. I feel that I have little to no support and I"m running out of options. I"m hoping that this will be a good place to get some advice. Having a difficult time with communicating with colleagues.
Name: omo IP:  omo
Send Email to: omobare2000@yahoo.com  omobare2000@yahoo.com
City, St Country: nigeria  nigeria
Message number: 23 Written by: omo  Delete message number: 23  January 18, 2012 - 11:17 AM
am new i was just surfing the net to get tips on how to develop myself, acquire new skills on how to help slow learners and writers in school and also on how to inculcate morals in pupils under my care.
Name: Marycarol Johnson IP:  Marycarol Johnson
Send Email to: mcjwmj@insightbb.com  mcjwmj@insightbb.com
City, St Country: ...  ...
Message number: 24 Written by: Marycarol Johnson  Delete message number: 24  January 06, 2012 - 08:10 PM
I taught Elementary Education from 1982-1998. In 2005-2006 I worked as a consultant for McGraw-Hill Companies. I was employed to train teachers how to use the math program"Everyday Mathematics". I loved teaching my first graders, but thoroughly enjoyed engaging with other adults. The purpose of this message is to inquire if in fact, a position of this type exists in your company. Thank you, Marycarol Johnson
Name: jo IP:  jo
Send Email to: jwwriter5@gmail.com  jwwriter5@gmail.com
City, St Country: ochlocknee, ga  ochlocknee, ga
Message number: 25 Written by: jo  Delete message number: 25  January 03, 2012 - 01:11 PM
Do any of you want to share about problems first year teachers face regarding how to respond to or relate to students who are disturbing class?
Name: jo IP:  jo
Send Email to: jwwriter5@gmail.com  jwwriter5@gmail.com
City, St Country: ochlocknee, ga  ochlocknee, ga
Message number: 26 Written by: jo  Delete message number: 26  January 03, 2012 - 01:08 PM
I am new to the forum and I am looking forward to communicating with first year teachers.
Name: ayah IP:  ayah
Send Email to: ayah_ahmed_ali2@hotmail.com  ayah_ahmed_ali2@hotmail.com
City, St Country: palestine  palestine
Message number: 27 Written by: ayah  Delete message number: 27  December 30, 2011 - 01:49 PM
thank you
Name: Gim IP:  Gim
City, St Country: Britain  Britain
Message number: 28 Written by: Gim  Delete message number: 28  December 29, 2011 - 11:21 AM
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Name: Jack IP:  Jack
City, St Country: USA  USA
Message number: 29 Written by: Jack  Delete message number: 29  December 29, 2011 - 11:16 AM
I am a new English teacher. I need your advice to be a good teacher.
Name: Prof.Alhamdolillah Khan Mandokhail IP:  Prof.Alhamdolillah Khan Mandokhail
Send Email to: brainwitness@yahoo.com  brainwitness@yahoo.com
City, St Country: ...  ...
Message number: 30 Written by: Prof.Alhamdolillah Khan Mandokhail  Delete message number: 30  December 29, 2011 - 01:05 AM
Hi,Hope that you all would be good and may you all would be as smiling as fresh Rose forever.
Dear,I am Professor in Economics here in Pakistan. I have lots of Economic Material and Notes if some one need it than i will send it free of cost.Its just to promote education of on cheap basis.

I need to here from you soonest.

Warmest Regards.

Prof.Alhamdolillahkhan Mandokhail
Name: Joseph Rinaldo IP:  Joseph Rinaldo
Send Email to: rinald47@gmail.com  rinald47@gmail.com
City, St Country: Nashville, TN  Nashville, TN
Message number: 31 Written by: Joseph Rinaldo  Delete message number: 31  December 27, 2011 - 01:08 PM
Called "a must-read for every school teacher in America, and certainly for every coach" by Amazon reviewer Linda Hawley, Hazardous Choices tells the story of Darnell Jackson, a young African-American man living in a gang-infested area of Chicago. To save his life, he joins a gang and is forced to do things he abhors. When an opportunity to escape this deadly world is offered to him, he accepts gladly. A football scholarship to a small rural Kentucky college could be his ticket out and a life free of violence and fear. But will his gang let him go, and worse, when they find out he lied to them to break away, will they retaliate? Find out in my new ebook release at http://amzn.to/pkEfgD.
Name: Silvana IP:  Silvana
City, St Country: Australia  Australia
Message number: 32 Written by: Silvana  Delete message number: 32  December 08, 2011 - 05:49 PM
Just responding to ideas/advice for new teachers. I was recently working with a group of new teachers and did an activity that I think worked rather well. To begin with I simply posed the question, "What would be the greatest compliment to you as a teacher?" From there you can create an image and then really "deconstruct" what that might look like in your classroom and your teaching practice. I think it is that kind of thing that keeps you going - reminding yourself what really is important to you as a teacher. I hope that helps...
Name: Essay Help IP:  Essay Help
Send Email to: ianjark@gmail.com  ianjark@gmail.com
City, St Country: los angeles  los angeles
Message number: 33 Written by: Essay Help  Delete message number: 33  December 02, 2011 - 08:52 PM
well, i think this has blog provided very informative news.., blogs also helps to promote business
Name: Stephen Round IP:  Stephen Round
Send Email to: teacherman9000@aol.com  teacherman9000@aol.com
City, St Country: United States  United States
Message number: 34 Written by: Stephen Round  Delete message number: 34  November 19, 2011 - 06:35 AM
UNESCO claims that 5% - 10% of the world population suffers with dyslexia. As of this morning, the world population is approximately 6,840,507,000. The numbers are staggering.

If you have an open mind, and are willing to spend some time reading and viewing videos, I believe that I can prove to you that the reading difficulties associated with dyslexia are preventable and reversible.

Formal research by the most reputable university in the world (I am not free to name it) is now entering its second year and will prove, without a doubt, that millions can benefit from this simple intervention.

Why wait for the results when you can help a struggling reader today?

Simply Google "print inverted reading", or go to www.pireading.com.

Name: Diana Forbes IP:  Diana Forbes
Send Email to: dianaforbes1@gmail.com  dianaforbes1@gmail.com
City, St Country: Herndon, VA  Herndon, VA
Message number: 35 Written by: Diana Forbes  Delete message number: 35  November 03, 2011 - 05:53 PM
Hi! I"m a former 1st-grade teacher who only lasted 5 years. I have huge respect and admiration for those of you still in the profession! I"m curious to hear what advice you might offer to new teachers - what qualities do you think it takes to keep teaching? What kind of attitude helps? What"s really important to focus on when you have 5 million things going on at once on a daily basis? What"s a good balance between worrying about proving yourself to others and knowing you"re a great teacher and not sweating the small stuff? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
Name: wole IP:  wole
Send Email to: whitelaw17@yahoo.com  whitelaw17@yahoo.com
City, St Country: lagos, nigeria  lagos, nigeria
Message number: 36 Written by: wole  Delete message number: 36  November 03, 2011 - 03:09 AM
iam 39yrs, tall dark, seeking for a lady ready for a relationship leading to marriage.
Name: George IP:  George
Send Email to: gstingas@gmail.com  gstingas@gmail.com
City, St Country: Australia  Australia
Message number: 37 Written by: George  Delete message number: 37  October 21, 2011 - 06:46 PM
Found a really good resource website!
Name: meello IP:  meello
Send Email to: meemangon@gmail.com  meemangon@gmail.com
City, St Country: Papua New Guinea  Papua New Guinea
Message number: 38 Written by: meello  Delete message number: 38  October 16, 2011 - 07:26 PM
I"m about to begin mt first year in my teaching proffesion. Any practical suggetions to help me get started smoothly from you experinced and mentors out there?
Name: Belinda IP:  Belinda
Send Email to: zeropax@hotmail.com  zeropax@hotmail.com
City, St Country: Hong Kong  Hong Kong
Message number: 39 Written by: Belinda  Delete message number: 39  October 13, 2011 - 07:36 AM
Does anyone of any good ideas for Halloween activities or stories that are about 15 minutes long for ESL primary school students. There will be 2 groups: Gr1 - 3 and Gr 4- 6, each about 80 -100 students. apparently the students have very basic English and not very enthusiastic about English. So I am hoping to find something fun, that will grab their attention but also where it is not difficult to manage such a large group of students. It will be my first contact with the students. Thanks. Belinda
Name: samantha  IP:  samantha
City, St Country: Bartlett, IL  Bartlett, IL
Message number: 40 Written by: samantha  Delete message number: 40  October 08, 2011 - 11:44 PM
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