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Welcome to the Sunfire website, which we hope will give you an idea not only of what it is and how it works and came to be, but also what it continues to mean to us.


1) Overview of Sunfire (operating principle and general description)
New York Times article by Joseph Morgenstern, "A Youthful Reach for the Sun"
Photo gallery (preview of selected, larger images)
4) Photographs showing the project in various stages

The Early Years (1974-1976)
The Middle Years (1977-1979)
The Later Years (1979-1981)
The Post Years (1983-1985)

5) Essays related to Sunfire experience

"Sunfire: A Larger View of Life" -- meaning and impact of Sunfire
"Sun To Weld By" -- composite account of first test run of Sunfire
"Reflections" -- a poem by 14-year old Beverly Speakman
"The Weldor's Weld" -- a poem on the beauty and joy of welding


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