To the Board of CATO-EFEP

an open letter from Sonia Balcer and Frank Broyles -- December 21, 1997


It is a joy and a privilege to be able to share with you in this way of the history and ongoing vitality of Sunfire as expressed in countless changed lives. It is with excitement that I consider the possibility that our missions might intersect, that there would be some way in which the undertaking of Sunfire could continue to inspire youth to achieve, as happened in my [Sonia's] own life.

Knowledge provides a needed structure for assimilating and processing information, but without experience it lays dormant, unformed in abstract potential. But when ideals and passion give form to a creative pursuit in one area, one is changed in the process of expression and gradually empowered to apply knowledge in meaningful ways in other areas. As you view the photographs and read the articles and essays, may your imagination be sparked for providing creative learning opportunities to our youth who need a context in which they can discover and contribute in a larger world. We are looking forward to discovering what collaborations between us may serve this purpose.

Sonia Balcer
Team Leader (Structures)
Project Sunfire
Howard Broyles
Inventor and Founder
Project Sunfire


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