The following is a poem written by Beverly Speakman, who at about 14 years of age was the youngest Sunfire member at the time, and my very best welding student, having an intuitive knack which gave her an uncanny virtuosity far beyond her years. The poem she wrote one summer day in 1979 as she sat alone on the structure, reflecting deeply on how she felt. Shortly after, she gave it to a fellow Sunfire member with whom she felt her thoughts safe and accepted with tenderness: "Sonia, may this give you some understanding." Indeed it has. I feel so very honored to be given this poem and I have read it many times, and kept and cherished it. I hope the same impact for others.

My eyes have caught the middle
and ending and the sands spring
before me in the heat.
I'm pale with worry as the water's
sparkle of them, the cool.
Tree shade and me just a
shadow in it with arms crossed
and sighing in want of embrace.

I'm so uncoordinated, always
a young child among younger children
laughing and crying with joy while
they either waste theirs or don't
want to understand me.
I'm not in my generation, for I
lost myself in my own time. I'm
just a piece of sand in the
sand surrounded by the waters'
sparkle in the shade looking,
yet not knowing I'm tired let
me rest here in the shade,
rest here,
rest water

Poem © 1979 Beverly Speakman.
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